![[logo.png]] [[home|Home]] | [[who-we-are|Who We Are]] | [[what-we-do|What We Do]] | [[testimonies|Testimonials]] | [[material-donations|Material Donations]] | [[donate|Donate]] | [[contact|Contact]] # Who we are My name is Aaron Enfield and I am a member of Hill Country Bible Church in Austin, Texas. I currently attend the Leander campus. I work in the tech sector and have the blessing of working from home which allows me extra flexibility to support my ministry. I live with my wife and son in Round Rock, Texas. In 2013, I read a devotional by a member of our congregation mentioning the Servants on Standby (SOS) ministry at Hill Country Bible Church. I found out 4 years after the fact that the lady who wrote this particular devotional was the wife of one my BSF small group members! I had never heard of this ministry but I quickly got excited about it. The intent is to provide non-monetary assistance to those who contact our church's Benevolence ministry. Through a vetting process, this ministry may send a request to an email list of volunteers who are signed up to receive such communication. I signed up to be on this list. There are several different kinds of requests that this ministry services. The kinds of requests that I felt called to help with were requests for manual labor- especially moving. Since I was driving a car at the time, I decided to sell my car and buy a truck. I realized that a truck alone wasn't enough. I bought a 10' flat trailer and fixed it up. While this was ok for a while, it was clear I needed a bigger trailer. On Jan 1, 2015, I bought a 16' utility trailer and fixed it up for this particular use case. 2 trucks later, I made the decision to get a 16' cargo trailer which has been probably the biggest material blessing. It allows me a great amount of flexibility in my ministry. Along the way, I have met some amazing people who I was able to assist in God's timing with these resources. I have developed a very close relationship with Faith Home Restoration and Breath of Life Maternal Ministries. I also do what I can to help folks in my immediate neighborhood. Through these ministries and word of mouth from family/ friends, I stay very active. The ministry itself revolves around a few major categories: 1) moving stuff; 2) collecting stuff (donations); 3) redistributing stuff. I have a single 10'X35' storage shed as of the beginning of 2020, and I am selective about what donations I accept. I use the guideline, "would I be proud to have this in my house?" rather than "it is better than nothing." I focus on the kinds of labor and furniture/ appliances that are difficult for those without access to muscle and tools (truck, trailer, dollies). I have a few volunteers that help me when they are able, and God knows that I appreciate their help. It is my fervent wish to get more folks involved to spread the labor around so it isn't a burden, but a blessing. I am completely dependent on my truck/ trailers/ health for this ministry, so if you are wondering how to pray for this ministry, pray for none of those things to break down... especially my back! Also, if you are strong and dependable, I welcome your assistance in the moves themselves. You can contact me on the Contact page. You will see the blessing with every angel you move. --- [[board-of-directors|Board of Directors]]