![[logo.png]] [[home|Home]] | [[who-we-are|Who We Are]] | [[what-we-do|What We Do]] | [[testimonies|Testimonials]] | [[material-donations|Material Donations]] | [[donate|Donate]] | [[contact|Contact]] ## What we do- the heavy lifting Here is a list of services Angels are Moving ministries provides: - Moving out of dwelling to storage* - Moving out of storage to new dwelling - Unloading from mobile storage (moving truck/ van, POD, etc) to dwelling - Loading from dwelling to mobile storage (moving truck/ van, POD, etc) - Pickup of approved donations.  See list of approved donations [[material-donations|here]]. These donations are redistributed to those in need. - Community-wide flood relief work (muck outs) `*` Angels Are Moving does not provide the storage facilities --- ## What we do not do Here is a list of services Angels are Moving ministries does not provide: - Packing in relation to a scheduled move. - Any moving services beyond the Austin Metro area. - Moving guarantees (bonding). - Handyman services beyond what’s already described as approved. - Building/ construction. - Transportation for individuals, even in relation to scheduled moves. - Cleaning of dwellings. - Moving counseling including finding a new dwelling or suggestion of storage facilities. - ARM will not move any of the following for any reason: - Safes - Firearms - Any explosives - Alcohol/ tobacco/ drugs - Pianos or similar