![[logo.png]] [[home|Home]] | [[who-we-are|Who We Are]] | [[what-we-do|What We Do]] | [[testimonies|Testimonials]] | [[material-donations|Material Donations]] | [[donate|Donate]] | [[contact|Contact]] --- Come on now . . . how many of you would say that moving is something you enjoy?  Even if you find pleasure in a new space or enjoy organizing and cleaning out what you don’t need, most would not say that moving is a pleasure.  For someone alone in that process, with kids to care for, it can be downright scary and overwhelming.  Not with Angels Are Moving.  Aaron Enfield has been the hands of Jesus for me and my kids on three occasions as we needed immediate help with a temporary transition and then three years later as I recently bought my own home.  Aaron works with strength and kindness and care.  Even more so, there is laughter in the process.  Aaron, jewels await you in your crown!  Thank you for helping me and my family find stability and safety in the midst of moving towards greater freedom in life.  Your efforts made those moves less stressful and way more fun.    -- anonymous --- First of all i would like to start off by saying that Aaron Enfield is who I call "The Furniture Angel"!! That is exactly what he is an angel when you're in need of help moving or just have a need for household items!  Aaron has moved me and my family over 5 times! Anytime I have ever asked for his assistance or been in need of something he has ALWAYS been there, never has he ever said NO or that he CAN'T!! Moving for Aaron is what he does and he loves it!! How many people do you know that can say that!? His services are impeccable and his commitment to the Lord is one of Grace and patience and very professional, he always has absolutely everything you need to move as far as supplies,equipment,furniture pads, dollys, tie downs, etc... He'll even move come rain or shine, no matter the weather!  You'll never ever have to worry about your items not being secured or protected and most of all safe. I honestly don't know what my family and I would do without Aaron! I've been through alot with my living situations and Aaron has always made sure that he's there for us and provides us with whatever we need and gets anything that you might need! If he doesn't have it in his warehouse he'll find a way to get you what you need and make it HAPPEN! He is also very strong and can maneuver anything anywhere , whether it's stairs that are all crazy or not or it's the 4th floor in a n apartment Aaron can and will make the impossible seem possible and do it with ease! I myself have physical limitations that don't allow me to help withe heavy and big stuff and he's just so AWESOME that he tells me all the time , "No worries I got this!"  I could just go on, and on, and on about how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND AMAZING ANGELS ARE MOVING IS! I would and have recommended him to family and friends!!   -- Shannon D. --- Angels Are Moving is true to their name. They go above and beyond your expectation. Aaron has helped me several times when I did not know who else to ask! He is trustworthy, dependable and timely. I highly recommend Aaron and his business!   -- anonymous --- I met Aaron after sending out an S.O.S at HCBC.  I was in need of help opening Faith Home – a Christian Women’s Restoration home.   I needed help moving all the furniture into the home which came from several different locations around the city.     He not only helped me get everything into the house, he stayed with me and did most of the setting up of beds and arranging the items exactly where I wanted them.  Over the years Aaron has help move, setup furniture and supply the needs of several women that have graduated our program.  I have also opened 2 other homes for women in the last 7 years and Aaron was right there alongside me.   Anytime we needed a refrigerator, washer or dryer and any type of misc. furniture he found it somehow.  I know the Lord has blessed him with a servant’s heart and has led him to avenues to miraculously find the perfect piece to supply the needs of the women of Faith Home.   I know that he is heaven sent and I am so grateful the the Lord has crossed our ministries.  Eternally grateful,  Amy Crawford [Faith Home Restoration Inc.](https://www.facebook.com/faithhomerestoration/)